Green challenges National’s inconsistency

The Green Party candidate for Tukituki today challenged Hawkes Bay’s National Party MPs to explain their Party’s double-standard on rainforest-destroying palm products.

“On the one hand the National Party has railed against a false threat that the Biofuels Bill will result in the import of rainforest-destroying palm oil from South East Asia.”

“On the other hand New Zealand has increased the import of palm kernel for agricultural feed by two thousand times in the past decade, and we haven’t heard a squeak from the National Party.”

The Port of Napier last week accepted its first shipment of bulk palm kernel, which is used as a stock-feed on industrial dairy farms.

Statement – Palm kernel and the Rainforest

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    […] In terms of the blue message, I thought this post on frogblog contrasts some of the internal contradictions in National that I alluded to in an early statement about biofuels and palm kernel. […]

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    […] September 2008 · Filed under Press statement Having criticised the HB National MPs recently on some environmental issues (incidentally with no commitment from them to protect the […]

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