Airport cargo-cult mentality unsustainable

The Greens are urging a dose of serious economic and environmental caution before Hawkes Bay rushes headlong into a proposed airport expansion.

“It is economic madness to spend millions on a runway extension hoping on a wing and a prayer that the tourists will come flocking in – this is ‘build it and they will come’ cargo-cult economics”, said Green Party Tukituki candidate Quentin Duthie.


“All sensible air travel forecasts show declining international air passenger volumes, with rising jet-fuel costs and ticket prices. The global economic slowdown is also likely to persist for some years. …


Mr Duthie lamented the irresponsibility of the local National and Labour MPs fighting to be the bigger promoter of a costly white elephant. “The Green Party is the political voice of economic and environmental sanity right now”, he concluded.


Full press statement here


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