Enrol now for your future, and Aila’s

The Green Party urges Hawke’s Bay people who have yet to enrol to do so today.

Today is the closing date for the printed electoral roll – while people can enrol later, the process will require a special vote on Election Day.

“It’s as easy as dropping into a post office today and filling out an enrolment form”, says Green Party Tukituki candidate Quentin Duthie.

“In the Greens’ critically-acclaimed election images (below), Aila urges the public to ‘Vote for me’ – a call to consider the interests of children and the world they will inherit from us.”

Here’s a great celebrity video from the US on voting:

Earlier this week Elections NZ stated that a total of 2,916,019 people or 93 percent of voters were enrolled. That left about 222,000 people yet to enrol, 42% being aged 18-24, and including many in Hawke’s Bay.

“Voting is an essential part of democracy, and the decisions of the next Government will affect every citizen, as well as future generations and the environment. It is a shame that so many 18-24 year olds, the voters who will have to live with Government decisions longest, are yet to enrol.”

Enrolment forms can be obtained by calling 0800367656, Freetexting your name and address to 3676, or at www.elections.org.nz. “But better still, drop in to the post office today”, said Mr Duthie.

Read full media statement

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