Showering with Steve the courier driver

This morning Steve, a courier van driver, dropped off a parcel at my family home in Otane.

On talkback radio in his van, the Government announcement of an efficiency standard for showers was being debated, or more accurately pilloried. Steve was livid – “bloody Government, the latest is they are going to ban decent shower heads” (paraphrased). He paused when I explained I was the Green Party candidate, and that this new building standard is part of Jeanette Fitzsimons’ great energy efficiency work, that it would lower power bills and reduce energy demand. I also explained it only applies to new hot water plumbing consents (new houses or renovations). Realising it wasn’t the “ban” being attacked on radio, rather a cost-saving standard for new houses, we moved on to air quality (which I have commented on earlier) and insulation. Well, with a bit more explanation, the bits of the jigsaw – efficient show heads, appliances, good insulation, solar, clean heating – fell into place…

The HBToday takes a predictably pro-National anti-everything-good stance.

Frog gives a great explanation of showerhead issues.

[And again here frog dispells the myths]


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