Letter to the Editor

I had a letter to the editor published in the HB Today today (thanks Mr Pierard). Here’s a hyper-linked version…

Dear editor

I feel compelled to respond to your imbalanced editorials of 9 and 14 Oct.

In attacking the air quality standards, you fail to mention that air pollution from PM10 results in 1100 Kiwis dying earlier than they would otherwise, and many more with respiratory problems – costing the country $1.14 billion a year. Households will need support to change heating, and add insulation, which is why the Green Party provided a 15-year $1 billion fund to assist in the transition. National has now said it will scrap this support for households.

In attacking the hot water plumbing standards, you fail to mention they will save an average $300 a year in electricity. The primary reason for the standards is to save electricity, and money. Most winters we face power shortages, and new power plants cost money and the environment. My mother’s complyingshower-head [a Methven Satinjet] has great pressure [and she has solar hot water and super-efficient cylinder to boot].

I’m proud to promote policies that will save Kiwis’ lives, health, money, environment and climate. But I respectfully suggest that it is your attitude that will result in “self-eradication”, as you put it, not mine. Come Nov 8, voters can choose between your attitude (promoted by National) and a clean green future.


Quentin Duthie
Green Party candidate for Tukituki


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