ACT-attack on Clean Green agriculture

This morning ACT put our a media statement attacking the Greens. It is here.

I have responded with this statement here.

ACT party’s poll-jealousy straw-man

The Green Party Tukituki candidate Quentin Duthie has responded to ACT’s unfounded scaremongering by suggesting he must be jealous of the polls to resort to attacking a ‘straw-man’.

ACT’s Tukituki candidate Duncan Lennox has claimed in a statement that the Greens will bring dire consequences for Hawke’s Bay agriculture, but he does not mention exactly what in the Greens’ pro-farming agriculture policy released at the Hastings A&P Show just last week he is worried about.

Here is the summary of points Jeanette Fitzsimons covered from our new Agriculture Policy at the launch last Friday: Ag policy launch summary

And voters can compare the full policies directly here: ACT and Greens. Guess which one takes seriously the threat of climate change to our agricultural production and markets?

[addendum: here is the resulting story in the HB Today]


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    […] water because it’s a disaster at the moment,” Norman says. So, I rest my case that ACT’s scare-mongering last Monday was attacking a straw-man – rural journalists and Meat & Wool NZ cannot find an anti-farming […]

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