Jeanette at A&P Show

We had a pleasure of Green co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons’ company at the Hawke’s Bay A&P Show on Friday. It was a busy day at the Show with numerous people stopping at the Green marquee to ask questions. It was heartening to see how much support we have even in provincial areas where our support has traditionally been lower than average.

Jeanette launched the Greens’ Agricultural policy to the assembled supporters, media and public. Baybuzz‘s Tom Belford was interested in the Party’s declaration of a preference to work with Labour rather than National. Meanwhile local growers John Bostock and Adrian White were interested in next steps to secure a GE Free environment and get country of origin labelling on food.

The policy launch and Jeanette’s meeting and greeting was in contrast to John Key’s visit the day before: where John had visited for about half an hour, kissed babies, smiled for TV cameras and mainly interacted with supporters; Jeanette was at the Show for most of the day, was regularly offered hugs by adult supporters, spent most of the time speaking about real policy issues and debunked many of the myths mischievously cultivated by National and their right-wing mates such as the ETS killing sheep-farming, and compulsory CFLs and showerheads! Personally, I enjoyed the opportunity to answer peoples’ questions even if the level of anti-Green misinformation is frustrating.

[Addendum: After the event the HB Today interviewed me and ran this article in their rural supplement]


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