Sustainability essential, not special: Green

Green Party candidate Quentin Duthie is pleased at the inclusion of an “Excellence in Sustainable Business Award” in the Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce 2008 Business Awards to be announced tomorrow [Thursday] night, but questions why the Award is “Special” rather than a “Main” Award [in the programme].

“The finalists in the ‘Excellence in Sustainability’ category are all highly deserving of the award.

Pyroclassic Fires of Havelock North took the plunge and focused on a super energy efficient firebox design. Green co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons, the Government Spokesperson for Energy Efficiency, is so impressed by the Pyroclassic she has two!”

“The Pyroclassic design has very low PM10 emissions and is very efficient with wood, so is part of the solution to Napier and Hastings’ air pollution problems, along with insulation and other clean heat sources – all of which will be supported by the Greens’ $1 billion warm dry homes fund.

“The Greens were delighted to share our A&P Show marquee with Prometheus Ethical Finance, who model ethical and sustainable finance investment at a time when our Super Fund invests in weapons manufacturers involved in the nuclear weapons industry, and foreign banks like ANZ/National finance illegal rainforest destruction in Papua New Guinea.

“Launching the Greens’ recently Tourism policy, Co-leader Dr Russel Norman noted that our tourism industry is 100% dependent on our environment.

“The Napier’s City Council’s Tourism Services Department is an appropriate finalist, recognising the strong integration of sustainability in their operations and promotion of the international Green Globe 21 accreditation process.

“Last but not least, ECO Water Recycling Systems from Clive have invested heavily in research to find ways to reduce the dual pressures of water availability and treatment, and sewage treatment and disposal – two very important environmental issues in Hawke’s Bay.

“With such high-calibre finalists in the ‘Excellence in Sustainable Business Award’ one can’t help wondering why ‘sustainability’ is still seen as an add-on by the Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce as implied in the Award being treated as a ‘Special Award’ rather than a ‘Main Award’.

“For Hawke’s Bay to get ahead in sustaining our economy, environment and community, all Hawke’s Bay businesses need to model sustainability – it cannot be pigeon-holed as an optional extra.

“However, it is pleasing to see strong progress towards this goal of a genuinely sustainable economy and environment”, concluded Mr Duthie.

Full statement re Business Awards

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