A mixed result: pleasing to increase Green MPs from 6 to 8 (and possibly 9 on special votes), but not as high as polling was suggesting. And the National-Act-Dunne Government will be bad news for the environment and the most vulnerable of our society. Expect the Greens to be a feisty opposition!

In Tukituki we picked up our Party Vote substantially, by 50% on 2005. This was helped by key booths of Te Awanga, Haumoana and Clive shifting from Napier to Tukituki (and therefore consequentially weakening Napier’s Green vote), and a good campaign on the ground. Our 5.7% support in Tukituki is not far below the 6.4% nationall, and the 50% improvement is significantly better than the 20% improvement nationally.

Hawke’s Bay can look forward to Gisborne-based Green MP Catherine Delahunty visiting the Bay regularly!


2002 2005 2008 Increase
Party vote 1800 1373 1884
Candidate vote 1355 1171 1583
Total 32008 35589 32839
Green % 5.6% 3.9% 5.7% 49%
Can % 4.2% 3.3% 4.8% 47%
Split 25% 15% 16%

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