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Poll position at first MTC

Last night was my first Meet the Candidates (MTC) meeting in Tukituki. Being hosted by Forest and Bird, I had a lot of fun – conservation and the environment is my bread and butter. Here’s one write-up from a local (and popular) blog – apparently I was the “expert witness”. And I guess I did have to correct a few candidates when they got their facts wrong or tried to claim a Green Party achievement as their own!

And, I now have a campaign vehicle for transporting me, my gear and team members around my provincial electorate. It’s relatively fuel efficient for a campavan, but has the advantage that I can sleep in it so don’t need to drive home every night, which is good since most of my voters are in Hastings and I am based with my family in Otane, 30min drive away. Does the vehicle make me the most Jucy candidate this election?

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